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Testimonials and Feedback

Eve Dixon

I have two-year old son who loves spaghetti. The thing is, he likes them “on the go”… running around every room in our home, with a few in hand. I can barely keep up with cleaning along all my other chores. I want to say thank you Sweep and Swab Crewe for being by my side for my domestic cleaning. You truly make the mess go away!

Abbie Talbot

I love everything about carpets and every part of my home is carpeted. The thing that is tedious though is the cleaning. I book my regular carpet cleaning with you on a bi-weekly occasion for 3 months now. I understand some spots are impossible to remove, but you do a great job and I don’t plan on any changes. Very grateful for your dedication!

Daniel Taylor

I had an accident with my oven – forgot I was cooking. The burnt food made such a mess, I cleaned up as much as I could but the result was unsatisfying. So when I asked a friend for help, she referred me to you. You came the very same day and did wonders with my oven cleaning. Keep up the good work!

Morgan Davis

I recently got an old vintage carpet that my grandmother gave me as a gift. She dug it up from her attic, but the years it spent there dirtied and kind of damaged it. I turned to your carpet cleaning services and now me and my family enjoy our new living room addition! I never expected it had such great colours until you revealed them. Thank you!

Olivia Henderson

I own a two-storey house and occasionally give a few rooms for lease. As I handle everything on my own, most times I can’t find any spare time for maintaining the place. This is why I use your house cleaning services on a regular basis. I like the results that I see and as a bonus, my tenants are happy because of the cleanliness.