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Carpet Cleaners CreweClean your carpets on a regular basis to keep them looking good and smelling fresh. Prolong their lifespan significantly. Work with our competent cleaners that will ensure the desired results, no matter the type of your carpet fibers. Take good care of all high-traffic areas and hard-to-remove stains. Ensure healthier soft floorings for you to walk on and for your kids to play on. Trust our carpet cleaners with their knowledge and expertise to choose the most appropriate cleaning methods and products for your specific fabric type and level of soiling.

Benefit from a service that can efficiently remove the usual stains from the everyday life – coffee, juice, wine, ink, etc. All stubborn spots are pre-treated with powerful cleaning solutions to ensure a thorough cleaning of your carpets and rugs. To extend even more the lifespan of your favourite soft floorings and prevent future soiling, a Scotchgard protective layer can be applied upon request.

  • Abbie Talbot
    I love everything about carpets and every part of my home is carpeted. The thing that is tedious though is the cleaning. I book my regular carpet cleaning with you on a bi-weekly occasion for 3 months now. I understand ...
  • Eve Dixon
    I have two-year old son who loves spaghetti. The thing is, he likes them “on the go”... running around every room in our home, with a few in hand. I can barely keep up with cleaning along all my other ...
  • Olivia Henderson
    I own a two-storey house and occasionally give a few rooms for lease. As I handle everything on my own, most times I can’t find any spare time for maintaining the place. This is why I use your house ...
  • Daniel Taylor
    I had an accident with my oven - forgot I was cooking. The burnt food made such a mess, I cleaned up as much as I could but the result was unsatisfying. So when I asked a friend for help, ...
  • Morgan Davis
    I recently got an old vintage carpet that my grandmother gave me as a gift. She dug it up from her attic, but the years it spent there dirtied and kind of damaged it. I turned to your carpet cleaning ...

Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods and Solutions

  • Hot water extraction: The cleaning machine injects a pre-heated water-detergent solution deep inside the carpet material and simultaneously extracts it with a powerful vacuum along all dirt and grime. This methods is very efficient for thorough carpet cleaning and stain removal. Its downside is the long drying time as not all moisture is vacuumed up. You can speed up the drying process by opening a door or a window.
  • Dry powder carpet cleaning: A dry enzyme powder is spread over the carpet’s surface and brushed gently within the fibers. After that, a powerful vacuum machine extracts the powder along all dust and dirt. As the process uses no water, there is no drying time and the end result is a clean and dry carpet. This method is preferred for surface carpet cleaning and for textiles that are prone to shrinking when wet.

Get Thorough Upholstery Cleaning to Preserve Your Sofa and Armchairs

Get your upholstered furniture back in shape. Let it look like new again, smell fresh and have a nice, soft touch. As one of your biggest investments in your home, you have to protect it with regular cleaning. Thus, you’ll not only maintain its appearance, but you’ll also prolong its lifespan.

Our upholstery cleaners will start with complete assessment of the textile to properly choose the most efficient cleaning method and solutions. Stubborn stains will be pre-treated with specialised eco-friendly detergents to ensure thorough cleaning. Then, they will perform a hot water extraction (steam cleaning) or dry powder cleaning to revitalise the upholstery. Next, a special sanitisation layer will be applied on the surface of the fabric to protect it from future soiling. At the end, your sofas and armchairs will be deodorised for a fresh scent. If your upholstery was steam cleaned, you’ll have to wait a couple of hours for it to dry out, as you can speed up the process by opening a door or a window.

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